Herbert D. Allen, Sensei

Sensei Herbert AllenSensei Allen’s martial arts interest started with his father (Herbert Allen Sr.), who had studied basic judo fundamentals during his service in the military. His father was an amateur boxer who had traveled throughout Europe during the mid-1950’s, for the US Army boxing team. As a youth, Sensei Allen practiced with his father on basic boxing and judo technique’s. He was encouraged by his father to pursue a fighting art. The summer of 1969, Sensei Allen was introduced to karate in a summer camp program. After that summer, his lifelong study of karate began. Seeing how dedicated he was to his training, other family members were influenced to follow his lead. He was promoted to Junior Black Belt in 1973 by Sensei Percy Outland of Philadelphia, and has been training diligently ever since.

He has had the opportunity to train with some very knowledgeable instructors. Some of them being, Teruo Chinen Sensei, and Morio Higaonna Sensei. His travels have allowed him to train at the Jundokan with the Okinawan Goju ryu Karate do Kyokai in Okinawa, Japan with Iha Sensei and participate in the memorial for Miyazato, Sensei held at the Budokan. He has attended the Chief Instructor’s Training held in Okinawa, participated in the Budosai, and at the time was the only U.S representative to be given the opportunity by Higaonna Sensei, to perform during “the Master’s Demonstration”.

While a former IOGKF senior, he has held the position of Northeast Regional Coordinator and participated on the national grading panel. Sensei Allen has also partaken in numerous Traditional Karate State, National, and International competitions and has won a multitude of awards. He continues traveling throughout the U.S. promoting Okinawa Goju ryu Karate do by teaching seminars. Sensei’s other interests are Yamanni Ryu Kobujutsu, and the study of Aikido.